Quaff, Melbourne

“An extremely underrated restaurant, Quaff’s lunch special isn’t taken advantage of enough”

We love lunching at Quaff. In Toorak Village lives a lovely restaurant that seems to attract the Toorakian older generation at night time, and unfortunately attracts virtually noone for lunch. We have eaten there several times for lunch and are often either the only ones or amongst few. This we cannot fathom at all! Quaff’s lunch special of 2 courses and a glass of wine for $35 is great value for money and we always enjoy both the food and wine.

It isn’t amazing flavour sensations that keep us going back, but just hearty fare, cooked and presented well in a nice location.

Each time we have been there, we have ordered the absolutely scrummy sun-dried tomato and goats cheese soufflé. This is double baked and is rich, creamy and unctuous. It sits in a pool of creamy goodness and is definitely the best savoury soufflé we’ve ever had. The calamari is always delicious, perfectly cooked in a light batter and it’s as good as any calamari you’ll find at Melbourne’s other top restaurants.

Second courses range from the pies of the day (this could be a lovely tender beef bourguignon), lightly battered fish and chips, lamb fillets or perhaps a crumbed veal with a rocket, parmesan and balsamic salad. The dishes on the main menu are more adventurous but as we are yet to try it, we probably aren’t the best judge of the overall food created by chef John Psanis. However, we have seen great potential through the lunch menu and are keen to one day try it out at dinner.

If you are looking for a good-value lunch away from the suites in the city, then Quaff is a sure thing.

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